Lamari Siargao was established in 2019 by two friends from Cebu City. After almost a decade of shuttling back and forth, they decided to leave the stressful city life behind and make Siargao their permanent home.

They built Lamari so that they, too, could also offer fellow travelers the warm hospitality that the locals have extended to them. They named their new venture after the two most important women in their lives, Lalaine and Maricita, because they wanted to incorporate the graciousness and meticulous care their moms offered guests in their own homes.

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The Lamari team is composed not just of locals, but also of fellow travelers who wanted to try life outside the city. With most of us uprooting ourselves and living away from loved ones, we consider our Lamari team our family in Siargao. The same care we give to each other, we strive to provide our guests. We want to make sure that you find a home in Lamari while you’re on the island, and we want you to leave knowing that you have a family to come back to whenever you’re in Siargao.



Our team is dedicated to bringing the best of what we learned while working and traveling across various cities and countries to Lamari while still keeping the charm and the vibe that is so unique to Siargao. We want our guests to also fall in love with the relaxed island hospitality that made us choose to call Siargao home but, at the same time, enjoy the comforts and the service standards of more luxurious hotels in bigger cities.